• Lebenshilfe Life Help Moers

Lebenshilfe Life Help Moers

For the association Lebenshilfe Community of interests for disabled people Moers e.V. a free website was created in support, which should reflect the services and activities of the association. Since the site was already created in 2013, it is time for a redesign and relaunch.

Lebenshilfe Interessengemeinschaft Behinderter Moers e.V.

The association Lebenshilfe is a self-help and solidarity community of relatives of disabled people and disabled people themselves. The aim is to make life easier for disabled people and to represent the interests of the predominantly mentally disabled members.

Lebenshilfe Interessengemeinschaft Behinderter Moers e.V. website:

This website was created in 2013. A relaunch is planned.

The site is regularly updated by me and the content is entered by an employee of the association.


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